Implementing IT successfully

The introduction of new software is a big step for every company. In addition to cost considerations, to switching costs and compatibility, it is also important to control the technical implementation and bring the user along, to build the necessary in-house resources. Projects can often fail due to a breakdown in internal communications. With an external partner to keep sight of the whole and ensure the success of your IT projects.

Our consulting portfolio

We assist large and small companies in the introduction of new technologies. Currently we offer our consulting services in two main areas:


As a longstanding competency partner, we have the know-how to support you during and after the implementation of Microsoft products. Whether medium-sized or large companies - with us the use of Microsoft software will be a success!


Implementing the tools of Datapolis, we simplify the management of complex workflows in your company. Thanks to our many years of Windows and business processes expertise, we know how you can use the products of Datapolis the most effective way, to digitally map and control your various workflows in SharePoint.

Our training portfolio

Over many years we have accumulated experience with training of users. Based on this, we have developed a range of standard trainings which you can expand the expertise in your company with. The courses are aimed at end-users and IT developers. In addition, we create individual trainings on a topic of your choice. Just approach us.

Topic Content Training duration Preconditions
Visio basics
  • Introduction to the Visio diagram platform
  • Basic technologies of data storage, access, visualization and analysis
  • Applied solutions in Visio for processes
  • Network diagrams
  • Organigrams etc.
1-2 days depending on the content
  • Common Windows knowledge
Visio developer training
  • Presentation of the Visio diagram platform
  • Development of the technologies for creating sophisticated Visio solutions made from smart shapes (ShapeSheet)
  • Add ins/Add ons (Automation code in .NET, VB and VBA)
5 days, split into 3 days of ShapeSheets and 2 days of automation
  • Solid user knowledge of Visio
  • Knowledge of a programming language required for the automation part: VBA, VB, C# respectively VB.NET
.NET basics
  • Introduction and development of the basics of .NET programming and deployment scenarios
3-5 days depending on the content
  • Basic programming knowledge needed (variables, loops, operators)
Basic presentation skills
  • How do I convey content to the audience?
  • What are the most important factors in the preparation and execution?
2 days
  • Interest in the transfer of knowledge
Plan, prepare and perform sales presentations
  • How is content presented to a potential customer?
  • How to prepare for certain target groups?
  • What should be considered during the sales presentation and taken into account?
  • How to respond to the customers and their reactions?
1 day
  • Basic presentation skills desirable