SharePoint as a fully fledged process portal

When creating a process portal you are faced with a choice of many complex products with a variety of unnecessary features. These are expensive to introduce and often not used. With oneAssist BPM for Visio und SharePoint, you can use proven standards and existing licenses instead. With the combination of Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Visio, you not only document your processes, but also share the associated knowledge via the network with your employees.

The right solution for your business

We rely on standard components and seamlessly integrate your individual requirements into existing Microsoft products. The process portal adapts to your company thanks to the intelligent combination of existing functions and lean custom developments - multilingualism and the dynamic connection of metadata are easily possible.

Benefits of using existing infrastructure

  • Seamless integration: Connected to the digital infrastructure and data structure instead of an isolated solution.
  • Increased ROI: Investments in existing software pay off twice.
  • Hardly any training effort: Established standards and backup strategies are used.
  • Hardly any migration effort: Existing data and information are directly supported by the platform.