Our idea for your ideas

Since the 2010 version Visio comes with a brainstorming template - we provide functions to get your ideas down on paper faster and to connect more data with each other. The software simplifies and speeds up the most common steps:

  • By drag and drop or keyboard shortcuts you can create structures and automatically generate connections and associations.
  • Through a special editor window you can attach additional formatted text to each of your topic shapes.
  • All information can later be exported with just one click to Microsoft Word and you can continue forwarding or processing it really fast.

Professional Edition

Simply design your new SharePoint site structure as an intuitive mind map. When you are finished the structure is automatically created on your SharePoint server with the push of a button - instantly ready for you and your team. Comprehensive SharePoint knowledge is not required!

Customer Feedback

„The add in works flawlessly. I work in parallel with a software called Smartdraw and so far I prefered to use Smartdraw especially for mind maps because you can work with it perfectly using the keyboard. In Visio that doesn't work so well. But with the add in, it is now very good. Really helpful.“

Michael Schwarz, MindMaps for Visio customer