• More performance
  • More interactivity
  • More usability
  • Freely configurable according to your needs!

Taking Microsoft SharePoint a step further

Microsoft SharePoint is a powerful platform to centrally manage and share your data and documents. But it can be even better and according to your wishes and expectations!

We offer you various SharePoint web parts that you can freely combine with one another according to your requirements! Our web parts start where Microsoft SharePoint lacks important functionalities or the handling is simply too time-consuming and complicated.

  • Adaptable portal surfaces to your requirements
  • Beneficial extensions of the SharePoint functions
  • Easy navigation through your data
  • Lean and faster work processes
  • Flexibly combine coordinated web parts
  • Great effect, simple application

Success through interaction

The communication between our SharePoint web parts is a central component. Interactions between web parts are inadequate or rudimentary in modern SharePoint. Our web parts bring this functionality back to you with their web part connections, they are optimally coordinated and interact with each other. You can share information with and receive it from other web parts. In this way, you increase your personal benefit with the number of web part interactions and enable SharePoint environments with more performance, more interactivity and more individuality!

However, we leave the controls to you, so that you can put your portal together in a way that supports your work. Stay completely flexible and decide which web parts you want to integrate on which portal page and how they should interact.

The result: individual and interactive portal interfaces according to your wishes

You can get our web parts separately or as a complete package and only pay for the ones you need. We would be happy to advise and support you in selecting the optimal web part combination for your organization and in setting up your personal portal.

The SharePoint web parts in detail

oneAssist List+ Web Part

Since your lists must be targeted!
See only the list contents that bring you insights! With the oneAssist List+ Web Part, you have the option of adapting your lists or document libraries to your current context using other content. Take advantage of the benefits of filtered lists in Microsoft SharePoint.

oneAssist TreeView Web Part

Since your work must have a clear structure!
Your clear navigation aid for fast and targeted work. With the web part you create a tree structure based on your lists and document libraries, which gives you a better overview and order in your Microsoft SharePoint.

oneAssist Breadcrumb Web Part

Since navigation must support your work!
The oneAssist Breadcrumb Web Part is a tried and tested navigation structure that makes your data contexts understandable! In addition, it lets you track your position within your data. So you always have an overview.

oneAssist Document+ Web Part

Since you always must have an overview!
Take your SharePoint to the next level and use your documents directly in the portal. The oneAssist Document+ Web Part creates a document preview on the SharePoint page, which guarantees a focused insight into your documents.

oneAssist Chart+ Web Part

Since your data must always be understandable!
Your data graphically illustrated and made understandable! The oneAssist Chart+ Web Part enables graphical representations of your list data and dynamically highlights selected diagram data in other oneAssist SharePoint web parts. This enables data to be comprehended and understood more quickly.

oneAssist Details+ Web Part

Since details are crucial!
Focus on the most important things and create space for important list content. With the oneAssist Details+ Web Part, you can bundle selected details of your list elements and easily switch between important information on the portal page. Put central and relevant information in the foreground.

oneAssist BPMN Editor Web Part

Since working with processes must be comfortable!
Process management directly in your SharePoint interface, without complex software installations - that's possible! With the oneAssist BPMN Editor Web Part, you can create, edit and open BPMN files directly on your Microsoft SharePoint site.

oneAssist Filter+ Web Part

Since searches must be intuitive!
Your input field for custom and tailor-made portal content! The oneAssist Filter+ Web Part offers you an input field to apply your filters and search values to your data lists.