Process management the way it should be!

Company processes must be documented and available at all times. Make your work easier by always staying in SharePoint and not requiring a separate application for your processes. The oneAssist BPMN Editor Web Part can do all of this:

  • No additional software installation required
  • Establish a cost-effective alternative to other process documentation tools
  • Very high user friendliness through direct work in the SharePoint interface
  • Make work processes leaner

Manage processes without effort

BPMN is a widely used industry standard for process management that is supported by many tools due to its frequent use. However, Microsoft SharePoint does not yet allow the use of BPMN files. This is why our oneAssist BPMN Editor Web Part offers you the option of working with BPMN files in BPMN notation directly in the SharePoint interface. In this way you not only accelerate and simplify the work, but also avoid frustration caused by cumbersome software installations and impractical work processes.

Integrate the oneAssist BPMN Editor Web Part directly into your SharePoint interface and edit stored BPMN diagrams, create new diagrams or view existing files. You can also link process steps with your list elements and from now on maintain the metadata via your SharePoint lists.

The BPMN Editor Web Part in particular enables process documentation without having to purchase additional software solutions and without having to forego features and functionality. We use well-known structures that you can use in a variety of ways in process documentation in order to tailor your processes.

Your tailored process management solution

Combination makes our web parts even stronger! Create your personal process portal by connecting our oneAssist SharePoint Web Parts.

  • Document processes completely via the portal
  • Create harmonious portal interfaces
  • Create interactive process representations

Exemplary web part connections

oneAssist Breadcrumb Web Part

Combine the oneAssist BPMN Editor Web Part with our Breadcrumb web part and make the interrelation of your processes retraceable. Select the processes you want to view by clicking in the breadcrumb and always know where the current process is located.

oneAssist Document+ Web Part

Utilize this web part connection with two separate SharePoint pages. Within the first page the BPMN diagram can be created and managed. The second page is used by the end users to view these diagrams or other documents with the oneAssist Document+ Web Part in read-only mode.