Navigation the way you want it!

Maneuver yourself purposefully through hierarchical structures. With the oneAssist Breadcrumb Web Part you always know where you are in the data in a dynamic SharePoint page. Because the web part shows you your data and their interrelationships in one line and clearly separates hierarchy levels from each other. This allows you to navigate quickly to your destination on a subordinate hierarchy level but also comfortably back to the higher levels on the portal page.

  • Increased usability through clarity
  • Navigate quickly and precisely
  • Increased comprehensibility despite abundance of data
  • Simplification of daily work

Getting an overview of your data

In a company portal, it must always be clear where which data is located, how it can be found and how it is related. Let your Microsoft SharePoint help you navigate your data.

The oneAssist Breadcrumb Web Part will help you find your way around faster. With simplified and individual representations of your data relationships, you get a comprehensible order. The resulting navigation is easy to use and shows the critical path in a clear and compact line. The web part creates a proven and familiar navigation pattern for you, which enables intuitive use.

In addition to displaying folder hierarchies, you can use our breadcrumb web part to build a hierarchy using metadata and then display it. In this way, you can easily illustrate parent-child relationships in your data and use them for navigation.

Based on your data structures, the web part creates a comprehensible structure of your data and always adapts to your navigation within your dynamic SharePoint portal. All you have to do is select the data structure on which the navigation should be based.

Much more than just a line

Our web parts are team players and are strongest together! Combine our web parts for even more advantages!

  • Navigate purposefully and intuitively
  • Influence several web parts at the same time
  • Create an interactive portal interface

In particular, by linking to other SharePoint web parts, you multiply the capabilities of the oneAssist Breadcrumb Web Part. Here are some example combinations:

Exemplary web part connections

oneAssist TreeView Web Part

These two web parts dynamically pass your selection to the other. Navigate to your documents via the oneAssist TreeView Web Part and click your way back to higher hierarchical levels using the oneAssist Breadcrumb Web Part.

oneAssist Document+ Web Part

Linking these web parts allows you to display your documents directly with the selection in the breadcrumb. Keep the overview of your data connections and simultaneously simplify your work.

oneAssist BPMN Editor Web Part

Get directly into your BPMN files via the oneAssist Breadcrumb Web Part and at the same time keep track of the location of the current process within your data. Switch between the displayed processes quickly without complicated working steps - just select them in the breadcrumb.