With efficiency through everyday life

List items can store a wide variety of data in Microsoft SharePoint. But the wealth of data quickly leads to chaos and a reduced overview. This makes it difficult to separate the relevant from the irrelevant in the current context. The oneAssist Details+ Web Part reduces the displayed content to the core information for you. The web part allows you to bundle selected details of your list elements and see crucial information dynamically based on the current content of your portal page.

  • Central information always at a glance
  • Comprehend information through simple representations
  • Design the page content according to your ideas
  • Keep even large lists clear

Creating real added value with details

The web part shows you the required details so that they help you, according to your ideas, in your order and without time-consuming configuration. Let your list views work for you in Microsoft SharePoint and get a company portal with more relevance.

Make your data lean despite complex structures and at the same time increase the information content of the entire SharePoint site. Give yourself more flexibility in your page design and adapt the displayed list views to suit your needs. You can also easily switch between several detail view tabs directly in the oneAssist Details+ Web Part. This not only saves space, but also creates an area on your SharePoint page in which the most important information can always be found.

Quickly see the most important things!

The oneAssist Details+ Web Part shows its strengths through the coupling with other oneAssist web parts, since our web parts are optimized for the transmission of information and thus enable efficient work.

  • Receive a portal tailored to your needs
  • Influence the additional information displayed with one click
  • Enable multilingual portal interfaces

Bring key information to the fore. Experience how the web part adapts to your activities and gives you the focus and valuable additional information you need!

Here are some examples of how you can revolutionize your Microsoft SharePoint with web part combinations:

Exemplary web part connections

oneAssist List+ Web Part

Enrich your lists with additional content that reacts dynamically to your selection in the list. Display contact profiles, supplementary descriptions, and other useful information in detail.

oneAssist TreeView Web Part

Navigate directly to important detailed views. With this web part combination, you get essential information, simply by selecting an element in the tree view.

oneAssist Document+ Web Part

View your documents within the SharePoint page and display useful additional information. Supplement your processes with data to their process steps, such as their costs or responsible departments.