Create knowledge through insight!

Get the information you need without opening thousands of documents or clicking through tons of lists. Get a convenient overview of the content of your documents. This web part enables you to have a preview of your documents embedded in the SharePoint page.

  • View documents without opening them
  • Design user-friendly work steps
  • Accelerated work thanks to dynamic interfaces
  • Fast cooperation thanks to an intuitive solution

Word, Excel, Power Point, Visio ...

The oneAssist Document+ Web Part provides the interactive display of Microsoft Office documents, Microsoft Visio diagrams, BPMN files, PDFs, graphics and videos. You view the documents immediately and without reloading the page. Without our Document+ Web Part, Microsoft SharePoint has so far only offered you the option of opening a small preview window in a cumbersome way, which means that you cannot view your documents directly within the SharePoint page. In addition, our web part gives you the possibility to take more than just a look at your documents. Navigate your way through diagrams and display linked documents directly in the Document+ Web Part.

There are no limits to your preferred way of working. Display any files and switch between the displayed documents in no time at all. You can experience your SharePoint as an interactive portal in which you feel at home and where you can always find your way.

Wow effects for your portal

The oneAssist Document+ Web Part shows its strength especially when combined with other oneAssist SharePoint web parts. Our web parts transmit and receive information about and thus enable you to have personalized and dynamic user interfaces.

  • Compose your portal the way you want it
  • Gain momentum with one click
  • Use other web parts for valuable interactions

Allow yourself countless possibilities to structure and facilitate your work. Provide more flexibility and see your relevant documents even faster! Here are some examples of how you can take your Microsoft SharePoint to the next level:

Sample Combinations

oneAssist List+ Web Part

Thanks to this web part connection, you can influence displayed lists with just one click within the document. This allows you to highlight specific process steps and conveniently see important additional information.

oneAssist TreeView Web Part

Get to required content quickly and with ease via our TreeView web part. View diagrams, lists, and documents with one click in the tree view.

oneAssist BPMN Editor Web Part

Enable process management directly in your SharePoint site by applying this web part combination. Simplify your work by displaying your BPMN files in the oneAssist Document+ Web Part.