Fast, clear, user-defined!

Create your own individual SharePoint interface and ensure simplified list views using selections and filters that you set in other oneAssist web parts. Get back the advantages of filtered lists in Microsoft SharePoint and avoid unnecessary frustration due to missing functions.

  • Only work with important content
  • Filter lists without reloading
  • See relevant data faster
  • Easy setup without configuration

Relevant content for everyday life

The new versions of Microsoft SharePoint no longer offer the possibility to filter lists depending on other content. But such filtering simplifies and accelerates everyday work. With the oneAssist List+ Web Part you can use this functionality and create a more user-friendly SharePoint page.

Have your lists prepared in a way that helps you at work by setting filters and selections in other oneAssist web parts to influence the displayed data. Simplify complex representations in a targeted manner, accelerate your work and take control of your Microsoft SharePoint.

The current status of your dynamic portal can be shared between employees at any time. The employees then see exactly the content of the page that the sending person has in front of them, which enriches the collaboration throughout the company.

The oneAssist List+ Web Part makes your everyday life easier with useful functionalities. It even enables you to display multilingual columns. All you have to do is maintain a list of the various languages ​​and then simply have the data in the required language displayed. You can also group the content according to individual columns.

Thanks to the Microsoft SharePoint list views, setting up and adapting the web part is child's play. You just select the view you want and the web part shows exactly the information you need. Adjustments to the list view automatically affect the web part without you having to configure it again.

In addition, users can further filter the displayed data manually or automatically using other oneAssist web parts.

Find any information conveniently!

Easily combine the oneAssist List+ Web Part with other oneAssist web parts and bring even more interactivity and functions to your company.

  • Combine several filters with one another
  • Use simple means to ensure understanding
  • Create interactive and personal portal pages

Get everything out of your lists and create your own individual company portal with functionalities that advance your work.

Exemplary web part connections

oneAssist Filter+ Web Part

In sync with the oneAssist Filter+ Web Part, you can easily break down your list data. To do this, filter the list according to a wide variety of criteria, such as responsible persons or branches.

oneAssist Details+ Web Part

This web part connection enables you to display helpful additional information about your list entries. With one click within your list, you can immediately see important content such as brief descriptions or profile overviews.

oneAssist Document+ Web Part

Your lists create a dynamic portal. With one click within a document you will quickly accessthe relevant data. Thus, you see important content on process steps, for example.