Shed some light on your data chaos

Your company data is often complex to display and therefore confusing. Our oneAssist TreeView Web Part helps you with the representation through a clear tree structure based on your lists and document libraries.

  • Navigate quickly and precisely
  • Relevant relationships always in focus
  • Familiar navigation tool for intuitive use
  • More clarity thanks to the understandable tree structure

Bring more structure into your Microsoft SharePoint

Recognize data relationships more easily through a supportive and familiar representation of complex data structures. With our TreeView web part you increase the usability of your data thanks to a clear tree structure. Navigate with the web part through any number of hierarchy levels and adjust the view comfortably according to your needs.

Our web part helps you to always find your way because it adapts dynamically to your current position. By saving your current portal position in the page address, you can conveniently pass it on, for example as a hyperlink, to simplify collaboration with colleagues. This functionality allows you to take your colleagues exactly where you are currently in the portal.

The setup and adaptation of the oneAssist TreeView Web Part is as simple as it can be, because the tree structure is automatically built from your data.

Navigation that can simply do more!

Unfold the full potential of the oneAssist TreeView Web Part and use the synergies between our web parts to your advantage!

  • Navigate your way confidently through your portal
  • Influence several other oneAssist web parts at the same time
  • Generate a dynamic portal

By embedding the oneAssist web parts in your portal, you increase your benefits through an interactive navigation experience. Here is a selection of synergy potentials:

Exemplary web part connections

oneAssist Document+ Web Part

Due to the cooperation of these web parts, you select an element in the tree view and immediately see the corresponding document in the portal page. This allows you to view your spreadsheets, presentations, or forms in no time at all.

oneAssist List+ Web Part

Utilize the oneAssist TreeView web part to navigate directly to your filtered lists and easily switch between them. This interaction enables you for example to take a detailed look into your projects or into the key figures of your departments.

oneAssist Details+ Web Part

See detailed views comfortably via the tree view and switch between them easily. Use this web part connection to quickly obtain decisive information in a clearly arranged display with your selections in the oneAssist TreeView Web Part.