SharePoint end to end

Make it easier for your employees to navigate through your data and make your pages clearer with the help of our TreeView and Breadcrumb WebParts.

Display documents in various formats in just one WebPart, while, in no time, your data can transform into smart diagrams.

The WebParts provide many configuration options to suit your individual needs while but still stay simple to use.

Moreover you can combine our complementary WebParts into a full and affordable process portal.

Our SharePoint WebParts are available individually or as a full set. We are also happy to advise and assist you in building your portal.

The SharePoint WebParts in detail

Filtered List

Filtered lists are part of everyday life in Microsoft SharePoint. Unfortunately, this helpful tool has been cut in the new versions by a crucial function: It is no longer possible to filter by URL parameters. Our Filtered List WebPart brings back this feature, which is essential for building easy-to-use SharePoint pages.


Data is often not flat, but hierarchically structured. Lists only insufficiently reflect this complexity. With our TreeView WebPart you give structure to your data. Display a SharePoint list or library as a graphic tree, allowing your users to navigate quickly and accurately.

Breadcrumb Navigation

The Breadcrumb Navigation WebPart helps users to find their way in the navigation structure of data by presenting hierarchical relationships in a simple way.

Document Preview

A preview embedded in the SharePoint page can quickly give users an initial insight into a document without having to open it.


Data are absorbed and understood faster when graphically illustrated. However, complex products make it difficult for many users to access this useful form of presentation. Not so with our solution!

Item Details

List items in SharePoint can store a variety of data. But you do not always want to show all data. Instead, it often makes sense to embed a certain section of the values in your website.

BPMN Editor

Having to start a separate application to revise the company's processes takes time and is not possible anywhere. With the BPMN Editor Web Part, you can customize BPMN diagrams directly in the SharePoint interface - without additional software installation!